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Buy & build – the most popular M&A strategy of European fast growing technology companies

On 28 November, Deloitte announced the EMEA Deloitte Technology Fast500 winners in London. The technology industry is renowned for its innovation and disruptive business models. Over the past years highly successful tech exits and IPO’s became trending topics. I mention the...
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The Venture Economy

Innovation and entrepreneurship are hughly important to transform our economies. Not an easy undertaking these days. Yet, despite the financial crisis and increasing unemployment rates, I like to mention two disruptive developments that, in addition to crowd funding (see blog...
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The End of the Debt Fueled Economy

In the industrial age, the GDP growth in the Western world had been funded by constantly increasing debt levels. Governments, companies and families were able to take on more loans through sofisticated financial instruments. Countries year after year funded deficits...
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